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3 Reasons Why Home Sales Fall Through

People can get excited when the realtor says there’s an interested buyer for their house. The truth is that anything can happen until the buyer signs the agreement and pays for the home. 

A closing may fall through for many reasons, including lowball appraisals, buyer financing rejections, and title-insurance surprises. We’re going to tell the 5 main ones.

1. Buyer Financing Problems

Financing troubles are now common within buyers. If you don’t want the sale to fall through, you have to take measures to prevent buyers from financial difficulties. 

First, you should look for buyers who are preapproved for a loan, even though there’s a possibility that they get rejected in the mortgage approval process. 

2. Title Insurance And Home Inspection Surprises

By the time of the sale, it’s essential to be prepared. Title insurance is a crucial part of the deal because it is proof that the house belongs to the seller. Without these documents, no bank can make sure the property won’t have any claims in the future. 

It’s also essential to evaluate if the house is in good physical condition before the buyer’s inspection to make sure everything is ready.

3. Buyer’s Remorse

Buying a house can be an emotional process for buyers. They are putting a lot of money into what they think is going to be the home of their dreams. During the process, they can get cold feet and doubt if buying that house is the best choice. Even the neighborhood can be a point of consideration in their decision. Sadly, there is no much the seller can do to make this feeling go away.

These are just some of the reasons why the sale can fall through, but there are more. You can avoid risking your sale by selling your house to a home buyer like We Buy MD Homes. With us, you don’t have to pray for the sale to be closed, because we are the one buying your house!!

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