Selling your house to a home buyer like We Buy MD Homes is an efficient way to get cash for houses in Brooklyn Park.

If you are in distress, from backed loan payments, going through a divorce, or any other stressful situation, the faster you sell your house, the better. Waiting to sell it the traditional way can take a lot of time. Time equals money, more backed payments, taxes, and home repairs.

Instead, with We Buy MD Homes, within days, you can be holding the cash for your Brooklyn Park house.


How Our Selling Process Works

Step 1: You submit your information.

Step 2: We get back to you to set up an appointment, or you also have at this point the option to send us more detailed information, photos of the interior and exterior of the house, if you have a mortgage, etc.

Step 3: We present a written cash offer.

Step 4: Once you agree to the offer, you get to choose your closing date. And as in little as seven days, you can get the cash.

We always set the right expectations from the beginning, all of our offer we put effort into making them as fair as possible, to help you get out of your financial problems.

Compare It Yourself

We encourage you to compare the difference between getting cash for houses in Brooklyn Park, MD, and selling them through the traditional way.

When listing a house and getting help from a real estate agent, many expenses that come out of your pocket, in the end, the money you keep is exponentially lower than for what the house gets sold for.

Just think about it and do the exercise. Let us take an example with the commission percentage a real estate agent usually earns; if your house gets sold for $ 90,000 you will quickly pay the real estate agent $9,000.

Instead, stop the hassle and get your cash within days, no complications, and no commissions or hidden fees to pay!