Have you inherited an old house and you want to sell it? It is complicated to sell an old house, especially when there are many repairs to be done. You could spend months before buying an enthusiastic buyer willing do to all the repairs on his own, and if you decide to do the repairs to sell it faster, you can find out how expensive it can, almost as if buying a new house.

However, at We Buy MD Homes, we don’t care about the condition of your house. For us it doesn’t matter how ugly it is, if there are broken doors and windows, damaged floor and roof, the air system doesn’t work, etc. we will still buy your house for a fair price.


We Buy MD Homes Benefits:

  1. Get paid in cash for your house; once you have contacted us you will receive an offer within 24 hours
  2. No fees or commissions to be paid
  3. No commitment or obligation of accepting the offer we make
  4. Once you accept the offer, you can get your cash in little as in 7 days. And sometimes if arranged we can give you a check on the same day
  5. No closing costs to be paid, we take care of them
  6. You don’t have to get a home appraisal
  7. You don’t need an inspection contingency 
  8. You can choose your closing date

Don’t keep paying taxes for your house, while waiting to find the right buyer or someone to get financing. We are professional house buyers, one of the most well known in Maryland, and can buy any size of house or property. We also have a strict-no pressure policy, which many of our previous clients love. You can request an offer from us, and if you want to compare it with what a real estate company offers or prospecting buying himself. We will not pressure you on accepting our offer; there’s no commitment or obligation to do so.

Don’t continue stressing on finding a solution; you deserve fair treatment and a quick resolution!