Avoid foreclosure in Annapolis, MD

Almost no one intends to walk away from their mortgage. However, there are always unforeseen circumstances that can get you out of the track, like lost jobs, medical bills, divorce, and more situations that can overwhelm the borrower.

Missing your house payments can quickly put you in danger of foreclosure, if unfortunately you are in a difficult situation and your mortgage lender has sent you multiple past due to notices, you need to act fast. Procrastination will not make your mortgage problem go away. If you end up losing your house due to foreclosure, you will be facing much bigger problems later, as your credit in Annapolis will be damaged, and bad credit in Annapolis can take years to go away.

In this case, selling your house is the best option to avoid foreclosure. We Buy MD Homes can help; we can make a fair cash offer that will make your mortgage problems go away.


We Buy MD Homes is a home investors association, with enough equity to buy any property, some of the advantages are:

  1. No need to list your house because we are the ones actually buying it
  2. No need for paying fees or commissions
  3. No need of doing any home repairs, no matter how bad the house looks
  4. No need of inspection and financing contingency
  5. Appraisals are not needed
  6. You can sell your house almost immediately
  7. You get to choose the closing date
  8. You don’t have to pay for closing costs

Fast and Easy Process

We have a quick and easy process in place. Once you get in touch with us, we can get you a cash offer within 24 hours. There’s no obligation to accept the offer, but if you do, in as little as seven days, you could be selling your house and getting cash for it.

Stop stressing and recover your credit!